Your pet’s wellness visit includes a dental evaluation where your pet’s teeth and gums are examined by a veterinarian for signs of disease or infection.  Based on the results of the exam, we will provide recommendations to address any areas of concern.  Our highly proficient veterinary team has the technology, education, and capability to perform a wide variety of veterinary dental treatments such as cleaning and tooth extractions.

What to Expect

Your pet’s safety and comfort are important to us and therefore, all of our dental procedures are performed under general anesthesia.  Before the procedure, we require all patients to undergo a preoperative health exam and a diagnostic blood panel.  We precisely monitor your pet’s respiratory rate, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and blood oxygen level throughout the procedure and recovery.  Pets undergoing dental procedures are generally admitted and discharged from the hospital the same day.  Our veterinary team will provide information regarding any necessary postoperative care.  For your convenience, any necessary medications are filled at our on-site veterinary pharmacy.

Please contact us to schedule your pet’s wellness visit or pet dentistry appointment.  We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure or the use of anesthesia.