Digital Radiology & Ultrasound

Cayuga Veterinary Services utilizes high quality diagnostic tools to provide your pet with outstanding health care. Early detection of pet illness paired with prompt and rapid diagnosis provides the greatest treatment options and helps ensure the best possible outcome for your pet’s situation.

Digital Radiology

Our digital radiographic machine is one of the most advanced technologies available today. Digital radiography is a safe, noninvasive diagnostic tool that allows us to work quickly resulting in less stress to your pet. Digital radiography has many benefits including:

  • It produces high-resolution images that can be manipulated for enhanced viewing
  • The image is produced almost instantaneously
  • The image can be easily shared on compact disk or via email.

In complicated cases we can submit digital radiographs via the internet to a Board Certified Radiologist for their review.


Ultrasounds provide moving images of the body’s internal structures. This imaging aids in the detection of abnormalities that may not be palpable during the physical exam. This includes enlarged or irregular organs, tumors, and bladder stones. These images are captured digitally and can also be manipulated for enhanced viewing.

In the event your pet is diagnosed with an illness, our experienced veterinary team will create an individualized treatment plan for your pet.  

We are proud to offer your pet the latest in diagnostic digital imaging. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.