USDA-Accredited Pet Travel Certificates

Cayuga Veterinary Services understands the challenges of traveling with your pet.  Pet travel requires planning and preparation to ensure your pet’s health and safety.  Our team of USDA-accredited veterinarians has experience assisting our clients with both domestic and international pet travel and are qualified to issue pet health certificates.

Domestic Pet Travel

There are regulations regarding domestic pet travel domestically whether by plane, train, or car.  All interstate travel requires a USDA domestic travel health certificate completed by your veterinarian prior to departure.  While traveling, it is important to keep your travel health certificate and history of vaccination documents with you.

Air travel requires a little more planning and since specific air travel requirements vary by airline and can change without notice, we recommend you contact your airline carrier for complete regulations prior to booking.

Key considerations include:

  • Health document requirements
  • Additional fees charged for your pet
  • Carrier requirements
  • Ambient temperature restrictions for pets transported in cage
  • Size limitations for pets accompanying you in the cabin.
  • Security screening and check-in procedures.

International Pet Travel

Increased planning and preparation is necessary when traveling internationally with your pet.  Our veterinarian’s are certified by the USDA to issue international pet health certificates and can help to ensure your pet has the necessary vaccinations and blood testing as required by the importing country.  We strongly encourage you to research the health and transportation requirements of both the airline carrier(s) that you will be traveling with as well as the destinations countries that you will be visiting.  It is also important to think about your return travel as the US has importing regulations as well.   Below are some links to help you in your pet travel research.

Please contact us or click here to schedule a pet travel health exam.  Please be prepared to answer specific questions about your travel scenario in an effort to ensure no mistakes are made that could lead to increased expenses and possible unwanted quarantine periods in your destination country.