Helpful documents are list below. Click "PDF" to view or download.

Pet Wellness Information

Wellness Pet Infographic  |  PDF

What is Good Healthcare for Cats  |  PDF

How To Brush Your Pet's Teeth Handout  |  PDF

Understanding Your Pet's Bloodwork  |  PDF

Pet Nutrition Information

Read the Ingredient List  |  PDF

The Pet Food Guessing Game  |  PDF

Pet Illness Care

Pain Management for Dogs and Cats  |  PDF

Ear Infections  |  PDF

Poison Proof Your Home  |  PDF

Top 10 Human Medications that Poison Pets  |  PDF

Behavior Information

Reduce Pets Fear Handouts  |  PDF

Raising Children and Dogs Together  |  PDF

Safety Tips for the Dog Park  |  PDF

Picking the Right Scratching Post  |  PDF

Stress Triggers for Cats  |  PDF

Parasite Information

Create a Tick-Free Zone in Your Backyard  |  PDF

Parasite Prevention and Your Indoor Cat  |  PDF

Top 10 Flea Myths  |  PDF

Cat Friendly Information

What is a Cat Friendly Practice? | PDF

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian | PDF

Alternatives to Declawing | PDF

It's Natural for Cats to Scratch | PDF

Degenerative Joint Disease in Cats | PDF

Your Cat's Environmental Needs | PDF

Feline House Soiling | PDF

Feline Hyperthyroidism | PDF

Caring for Your Older Cat | PDF

How Do I Know if my Cat is in Pain? | PDF

Nursing Care for Your Cat | PDF